Purchasing Terms

Any items purchased from us will require payment upon delivery. We are prepared under certain circumstances to operate a “lay-away” scheme that enables the buyer to pay up to three equal instalments over three months. Once full payment has been made the item is then transferred.

We warrant that items we supply will be as described. We cannot be responsible for latent defects which may manifest themselves after the item has been purchased, as most items we deal in are over 100 years old and is subject to defects and problems of ageing. If however an item is not substantially as described and is returned in the same condition in which it was sent out, within ten days of purchase, we will be happy to refund the purchase price.

We are also prepared to take trade-ins of suitable items against our stock, and are happy to purchase appropriate items in fine condition.

Click on catalogue and you will find a selection from our stock. By accessing the main items from the main list you can see detailed illustrations of what the item in question is like in terms of its condition and type.

The following symbols are used to indicate UK controls:

Please note under each item in the catalogue we describe what levels of controls under UK and foreign licensing laws apply to that item.  If the item concerned is subject to UK controls, the extent of those controls is also listed.

* Antique not controlled in the UK and may be sent abroad under Open General Export Licence.

# Requires shotgun/firearm certificate in the UK and export licence to remit abroad.

++ Section 7 weapon in the UK (prohibited except to holders of Section 7 collector’ firearms certificate).

Export licence required to send abroad. Restrictions on movement other than by Section 5 carrier in the UK.