.455 M1879 Tranter Revolver – Ref 5758

.455 M1879 Tranter Revolver – Ref 5758
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A .455 M1879 Tranter Revolver in lustre blue.  Pistol is retailed by Army & Navy CSL and is complete in its maker’s green baize lined oak case.

Condition:  This pistol is listed in Army & Navy’s records as being nickel plated:  on close examination there is evidence of it having been stripped completely of its nickel plating and then re-blued.  This must have occurred very shortly after it was manufactured and in its period of use.  The lustre finish is of a very high grade and will not have been seen commercially much after 1900.  Both the hammer and the trigger were left in high lustre blue, which only occurs on nickel plated Tranters of this period.  The pistol retains virtually all of its new blue finish throughout.  Edges are crisp and sharp, internally the chambers are very clean, the bore is clear and shiny but with small marks to the breech end.


Category:  Section 5/Section 7.1.  Antique for Export.