Webley Mk V Revolver – Ref 5791

Webley Mk V Revolver – Ref 5791
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.450/.455 Webley Mk V Revolver.  Commercial proofs marked with Webley patents the winged bullet, and Mk V to the 7½ inch barrel with lightening grooves to it.  There is no retailers name.  The pistol has the conventional composition grips to the birds head butt, the bore is very clean with no blemishes as are the chambers.  The pistol retains some 75%+ of its original finish with some wear to the high spots.  Mk V revolvers with 7½ inch barrels are very unusual; this one is probably the result of assembly of pistols for commercial sale just prior to WWI when the factory was using up any parts that came to hand.

Category:  Section 5, Section 7.1.  Export Licence Required.