.380 Webley M1908 – Ref 5773

.380 Webley M1908 – Ref 5773
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A .380 Webley Model 1908 auto pistol, number 56*** which puts this pistol in approximately 1910 production, retailed by Army & Navy CSL.

Condition:  Whilst the pistol retains some speckling to the finish, almost all the original blue is there: there is bright steel to the trigger guard, trigger and hammer which is of the earlier type, ie shorter.  The black composition grips are fine with exception of a small piece missing from the bottom of the right hand grip. The bore is very good.

Only approximately 1600 pistols were made in .380 calibre, a large proportion were used by the police.

Category:  7.3 only / Section 5 / Export Licence required