11B D/B Percussion Gun by Hollis – Ref GD 152

11B D/B Percussion Gun by Hollis – Ref GD 152
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A fine 11 Bore double barrelled percussion gun by Hollis of 346 High Street, Cheltenham, number 57** with case hardened back action locks of novel design, Damascus barrels of good quality which are only 24 inches in length.  The gun is of high quality, it has a grip safety after the trigger guard and the trigger guard is enlarged for gloved hand.  It is questionable whether this gun was designed as a ball and shot gun for India or the Colonies with barrels of this length, they were sometimes used for hunting boar and other things from horseback hence the short barrels.  It is in its red baize lined mahogany original case with accessories including a game licence issued to the previous owner dated 24th August 1854, naming him as Sir Wilton Rufus Bart of Charlton Park.  This gun retains most of its original finishes including case hardening to the lock-plates, some fire blue to the trigger guard and butt plate and all its original brown to the barrels.  The barrels are in excellent condition.  The stock has a few marks but the finishes are original.

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